Staples Recycling Program

Staples Recycling

Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of old our outdated electronics, we want to recycle properly, but sometimes it gets a bit confusing on who takes what and who doesn’t. Staples offers …

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dell logo

Dell Recycling

Dell offers both corporate and individual electronics recycling.. The Dell computer recycling program is not limited to only Dell-brand computers. They accept computers, laptops, printers, ink and toner (Dell only).

apple logo

Apple Recycling

Like Dell and Best Buy, Apple has a recycling program. Unlike either Dell or Best Buy, however, Apple emphasizes the international nature of its program. The parameters of the program vary, but in general, countries either have a recycling program …

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best buy recycling

Best Buy Recycling

Overview of Best Buy Recycling Program As one of the largest electronic retailers, it only makes sense that Best Buy would have a great recycling program — as well as a buyback program. Let’s learn a bit more about how …

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