Paint Recycling and Disposal

How Do You Recycle Paint?

Home improvement projects are all the craze these days as many homeowners and renters look to add a little personality to their properties or seek an inexpensive way to remodel. A new paint job is a great way to enhance curb appeal, hide stains, or add positive energy to any home, but once the kitchen is brighter, or baby brother’s new room is blue, what are people supposed to do with leftover paint? What are the best steps to paint recycling to be sure people dispose of paint properly? This article is dedicated to answering those questions and provide helpful tips to homeowners on the proper paint recycling procedures for water based paint, acrylic paint, latex paint and more. So let’s dive into it all!

Paint Recycling Centers Near Me

Many waste management companies do not offer curbside pick up of paint products because of some paint products are classified as hazardous material. That means the best way to find a paint recycling center near me is to first check with some of the popular home improvement businesses in the area such as Sherwin Williams, Lowes, and Home Depot. If the businesses themselves don’t offer paint recycling or free paint disposal services in your particular area, they at least are a great resource to guide homeowners and businesses where to find paint recycling facilities in a location near you.

Sherwin Williams Paint Recycling: Homeowners or businesses who have ever wondered does Sherwin Williams take used paint will be happy to know that disposal pickup service is available for businesses and homeowners. However, Sherwin Williams does not accept hazardous waste material and therefore do not accept oil-based paint or spray paint cans (aerosols). Other hazardous waste not accepted by Sherwin Williams includes sealers, solvents and other items typically used for industrial use. The best thing to do is call your local Sherwin Williams store and ask them what options they provide for paint recycling.

Lowes Paint Recycling: When it comes to paint recycling, Lowes does not offer paint disposal services as a corporate policy. However, some individual store locations might maintain a different policy when it comes to paint recycling so it certainly can’t hurt to reach out to the Lowes store in your area and ask. “What can I recycle at Lowes?”

Home Depot Paint Recycling: One of the largest home improvement stores in the United States, Home Depot is a popular place for businesses and homeowners to purchase paint products. But can I dispose of paint at Home Depot? Unfortunately, many paint products are classified as hazardous material and therefore Home Depot does not offer paint recycling services. What eco-conscious people looking for a paint recycling center can do instead is go online and search for “paint recycling centers near me” or “old paint recycling center near me” to locate the closest facilities that offer paint recycling services!

Where Do I Dispose of Old Paint?

After a bedroom, home, or business has been upgraded with coats of fresh new paint there is almost always a can or two of unused paint left. Leftover paint can be hazardous, especially if it is not disposed of properly, so it is important to be careful when throwing out paint. Saving the paint for future touch-ups or donating it is always the best option, but if that is not an option then the next best thing is to let professional paint recycling facilities properly dispose of paint. That means contacting a local hazardous waste drop-off facility, communicating with them about your paint recycling needs.

Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity & PaintCare accept paint donations.

Paint Recycling FAQ

How do you dispose of water based paint (Latex)?

One of the most frequently asked questions homeowners have is how to dispose of latex paint without taking it to a paint recycling facility. The best way to dispose of latex water-based paint is to put the latex paint in a bag of kitty litter (equal parts kitty litter to paint). Stir the paint and kitty litter mix until the combination thickens and can not spill. Once the mixture has had at least an hour to sit and solidify, simply throw it in the regular trash. Boom! And just like that you recycled latex paint at home without taking it to a paint recycling facility!

Is it illegal to throw away paint?

Everybody should do their best and learn how to properly recycle paint so it does not end up causing damage to the environment. For example, oil-based paints are created with toxic chemicals that when not properly disposed of can contaminate water and soil. Therefore, oil-based paints should never put placed in the regular trash. In fact, many states have passed legislation making it illegal to throw away paint that is oil-based.

Can I recycle paint?

Oil pants are highly toxic and cannot be recycled (oil paints are classified as hazardous waste), but latex paints can be recycled! Those wondering how to recycle latex paint should first try to store paint, storing it for reuse at a later time for touch-ups. If that is not an option, the second best thing would be to donate latex paint to Habitat for Humanity or other organization that can use the paint for a good cause. Lastly, latex paints can be mixed with kitty litter to form a composition that can safely be thrown in the trash.

Can you pour acrylic paint down the sink?

The simple answer to if you can pour acrylic paint down the sink is no. The reason is that acrylic is essentially a plastic paint, and it would certainly not be advised to put any plastics down the drain. Every time acrylic paints are rinsed small particles of plastic get in the water, creating an acrylic sludge over time. This accumulation of acrylic sludge can clog a drain, and more importantly is very bad for the environment. Those wondering how to throw away acrylic paint should know the best option is to let the paint air dry until it solidifies then toss it out in the regular trash.

Where can I dispose of old spray paint?

The first concern when it comes to recycling spray paint is that the paint can (if not completely empty) is under high pressure. This can be dangerous and even cause an explosion if the old spray paint can becomes too hot or under high pressure. Empty spray cans can simply be placed with regular garbage for safe disposal, but if there is even the smallest amount of paint left in a paint can it can be dangerous from a safety and environmental standpoint. This is the reason people should completely empty spray cans on old newspaper, shake the can to confirm it is empty, and then dispose of the paint can in the regular trash.

Because of the dangers of improper spray paint recycling, many counties have made it illegal to throw spray cans in the normal garbage. If you are unsure what the law is in your area regarding spray paint can removal then please contact an official in your county or waste management expert.