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Electronics Recycling Pick-up

GPS Trackers Assist Free Electronic Recycling Pick Up

According to statistics, approximately 87% of all electrical waste is not disposed of properly. This is a staggering number given that there are now more mobile phones than people walking the Earth, leading to the concern that e-waste will only increase as more mobile devices and other personal electronics are utilized by the world’s population. There is no denying that e-waste is a very serious concern, but thankfully some organizations in the United States are taking the proactive approach to educating people and even helping gather e-waste with free pick-up. What is even better is that many electronics recycling companies are utilizing GPS tracking systems to assist in the effort in order to make things easier for people wanting to properly remove e-waste from their homes or businesses.

Free Electronic Recycling Pickup Near Me

Once people understand what e-waste is they then need to contact the appropriate organizations who recycle electronic waste so the items can be handled correctly. With a little research, people will quickly discover that there are often many free electronic recycling pickup near me, and that those businesses will pick up e-waste quickly. How the businesses offer this service is really quite simple:

  1. E-recycling company receives a phone call or email from someone in the community who has electrical waste that needs to be properly removed.
  2. The E-recycling company installs live GPS trackers on all trucks so they can coordinate, route and manage vehicles out in the field who can quickly and efficiently gather e-waste in the community.
  3. The electrical recycling business gathers e-waste and then properly disposes of e-waste such as washers, irons, television sets, mobile phones, printers, scanners and more.

How Many Electronics Are Thrown Away Each Year?

People truly do not understand how many computers are thrown away each year, or how many mobile phones are thrown away. And those are just two of the many electrical devices that are part of the 40 million tons of e-waste that are generated every single year across the globe. To provide some sense of scale, that is like 800 laptops being thrown in the garbage every single second. Unfortunately, that trend and those numbers are only going to rise as more and more cell phones, flat screen televisions and other electrical products become obsolete or upgraded by consumers and businesses.

How Do You Dispose Of E-Waste?

When it comes to e-waste, proper disposal is important. Unfortunately, most people do not know the proper locations to drop off e-waste or even the proper businesses who deal with electronics recycling. Here are the top 3 ways to dispose of e waste:

  • Donate used electronics to e-recycling facilities
  • Sell computers, televisions or other electronics for re-use
  • Give electronic waste to certified recycling plants for proper disposal

Electronic waste is a very serious issue and the problem will escalate as more of the world’s population begins to live in a more digitized community. Electronics are ubiquitous and their use will only continue to grow in the future, making the properly disposal of such devices critical as societies move forward.

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