San Diego Blue Bin Recycling

What is Accepted in My Curbside Blue Bin Recycling?

The San Diego Residential Recycling program is working hard to expand what they accept and also educate the public to improve its recycling results. Many people get confused about what is or aren’t allowed into blue recycling bins, this can lead to contamination or giving up on recycling altogether. Below is a complete list of what is accepted in our San Diego curbside recycling bin:

  • Glass beverage containers – water, soda, wine, glass jars (spaghetti jars)
  • plastic bottles (soda and otherwise)
  • clean aluminum and metal cans
  • wrapping paper
  • clean plastic food containers (yogurt cups)
  • junk mail, newspapers, magazines, phone books
  • clean aluminum foil and trays
  • paper cartons (like broth)
  • completely empty aerosol cans
  • hard plastic buckets, toys, pots, and trays
  • cardboard
  • paper, even shredded paper (bagged)
  • frozen food boxes
  • clean styrofoam food and drink containers

What is Not Accepted in the Blue Recycling bin?

*Plastic Shopping bags (keep your recycling loose)


*Plant waste


*Glassware – pyrex

*Napkins, Paper towels, tissues

*Compostable Products

*Any Household Hazardous Wastes (batteries)