Tire Recycling Near Me

Hundreds of millions of tires are sold each year in America for to be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. These new tires replace old worn out tires that must then be properly handled. Most tire centers include this service as a fee when you purchase your new tires, but what about when you replace the tires yourself or somehow end up with old tires stored in your garage or shop. These tires need to go somewhere and unfortunately many times they end up in landfills, dumpsters that eventually go to landfills, or sometimes even in the ocean. If you have old tires that you need to dispose of please take search for “tire recycling near me” to locate a center where they can be responsibly disposed of or recycled.

How to Dispose of Old Tires

Old tires can be recycled and re-used for many different things. Some old tires are shredded and end up in playgrounds as a soft surface for young kids to play on. Other times they are used to create mulch for weed control in landscaping. They can also be turned into flooring and other building material. The point is that there are many alternative uses for these old tires that can keep them out of our dumps where they will only sit for anywhere from one hundred to one thousand years before decomposing. If you want to know more you can read this article about the complete tire recycling process.

Where To Recycle Used Tires Near Me

By taking your old tires to a local recycling facility that accepts old tires you are doing your part to help our environment. While most recycling centers are not equipped to do the shredding and re-purposing of the tires themselves, they will however get them to a facility where they can be properly broken down and ultimately re-used for a garden, or tot area, or any number of other applications for which the rubber can be used. Do the right thing and find a tire recycle center today.

Where Can I Sell Used Tires?

There are occasions where you may have some used tires that still have plenty of life left. In this case it would be a waste to dispose of these tires when someone else can get use out of them before they end up at the recycling center. Many shops will purchase used tires that are still in good condition. This is especially true for common sizes or if you have a set of four tires or even two matching tires. Even if you only have a single tires, but one that has a lot of tread left has value as a spare tire or a replacement for a flat tire of the same size. It makes sense that someone who has a blowout would not want to purchase an entire set of tires when they only need a single tire to get them back on the road. Another option is to locate a tire retread facility although this usually only applies to industrial and commercial tires where it would be cost prohibitive to replace with new tires.