Donating Unused Paint

Donating Unused Paint

After a room has been coated with a brand new paint job there are often times when unused paint is leftover from the home improvement project. Most people save old paint if they ever need to do little touch-ups in the future, but when that is not the case the best practice is to donate unused paint. Donating paint is far more eco-friendly than simply tossing it out with normal waste, and there are actually a lot of great organizations that accept paint donations!

Who Takes Paint Donations?

Paint recycling (or paint donating) is the process of giving away unwanted paint to organizations that can use it so any old paint does not end up in a landfill. Paint that is not properly disposed of can be very hazardous to the environment so it is critical that people properly dispose of paint. However, donating paint is far better for the environment than proper disposal of paint, making it important to find charities or community organizations that accept paint donations. So who are the organizations that accept paint donations?

Does Habitat for Humanity take paint donations?

For decades, Habitat for Humanity has done tremendous good by building homes all throughout the world to help provide people with a decent place to live. The global non-profit organization not only accepts donations of unused paint, but also puts unwanted paint into good use by using it for new homes for the needy. For more information on donating paint to Habitat for Humanity call 1-800-HABITAT (1-800-422-4828).

Does Goodwill take paint?

The Goodwill accepts donations and then resells the items, but they cannot do this with unwanted paint because paint is classified as hazardous. Paint is also considered a chemical substance so it can’t be resold. This is the reason Goodwill does not accept paint donations.

Does Salvation Army take paint?

Salvation Army does a huge amount of good in many communities, but it can’t really do anything for people who want to donate unused paint. The reason is that paint is viewed as a hazardous material, and due to regulations they can not accept unused paint as donations. Therefore, the best thing people can do who are interested in recycling paint is to find an organization such as Habitat for Humanity that can actually use unwanted paint for good.