Can you throw away batteries in California?

Battery Disposal California

Alkaline batteries are used for an assortment of consumer electronics, but once those batteries are drained of power most people do not know how to properly dispose of old alkaline batteries. The reason is that battery disposal guidelines are different for each state. For example, in some states, alkaline batteries can be thrown in the trash after they are used, but Li-ion batteries such as those found in cell phones can not be placed in the normal waste bin. Thankfully, there is a lot less ambiguity for residents in California who find themselves asking, “Can you throw away batteries in California?“. The reason is that unlike other states who believe it is okay to place old alkaline batteries in the normal trash bin, California views all batteries as hazardous waste. That means if you live in the State of California it is important to properly dispose of old batteries.

How do you dispose of batteries in California?

As mentioned above, the law in California states that single-use alkaline batteries are not allowed to be thrown in the normal trash regardless of what Duracell or Energizer say on their company websites about it being okay. So how do you dispose of single-use batteries in California? The answer is the same way you would dispose of rechargeable batteries or lithium-ion batteries: at a local battery recycling facility or collection location.

Rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion batteries are manufactured with many hazardous metals and other materials that have the potential to leak into the Earth and groundwater at a landfill. That is an unnecessary result that is dangerous for all California residents. Therefore, batteries should never be tossed away in the trash. Proper disposal of these types of batteries is critical for safe environmental practices. California views alkaline batteries such as the AA, AAA, C, and D single-use batteries used in almost all home electronics as equally hazardous as those lit-ion and rechargeable batteries.

Where can I recycle batteries in my area?

In California, there is not a single type of battery that should ever be thrown in the trash. None! That is why it is imperative to find a battery recycling near me that will properly dispose of used alkaline, rechargeable, lithium-ion and other forms of batteries. Thankfully, there are a number of free battery recycling programs out there for California residents from Orange County to San Francisco and everywhere in between the Golden State! These battery recycling locations include places such as Home Depot, Best Buy, or many of the weekly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers that are located in each county (contact your city for more information on these free battery recycling locations). Another resource is to call 1-800-CLEAN-UP (800-253-2687) for more assistance on finding a free battery recycling location in California near you!